About the Artist

Having a childhood passion for voice acting and illustration; Sano knew she would one day have a career in both the performing and visual arts. She decided to create a YouTube channel in 2015 and, after her voice impressions videos became noticed and liked by thousands of people, she felt motivated to take the leap and finally get to working in voice over to make her childhood dreams into a reality. With hard work, dedication, and a strong passion for her craft, Sano loves putting her all into every project; no matter how big or small.

Though her biggest passion is bringing characters to life in video games, animation, and other media; Sano also frequently does voiceover work in commercials, radio, promos, trailers, and much more! Sano also recently opened an online store where she produces various art pieces in different mediums and regularly works as a freelance illustrator. 

When she's not behind the mic, in front of a camera, or sitting at a desk with her tablet pen in hand, her biggest hobbies include: playing video games, eating (her specialty), singing, listening to music (game soundtracks are a big favorite!), cooing at her two adorable dogs, cosplaying, & marathoning TV show/anime episodes!